Bird Flu cases reported in 5 states of India

Amid the pandemic, there are reports of Bird Flu in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh became the fifth state in India to have confirmed bird flu cases in the last one week.

While lakhs of poultry were reported dead from Haryana, migratory birds died in Himachal Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, hundreds of crows were found dead in the last one week.

Around 1,800 migratory birds died at the Pong Dam lake in Himachal Pradesh in one week and now officials have confirmed that it was because of the H1N1 avian influenza virus.

The State Animal Husbandry Department told ANI, “Around 1775 migratory birds have died. We’ve suspicions of bird flu. A 10-km alert zone declared where no sale of eggs allowed and poultry markets closed.”

Reports said that most of these birds were bar-headed geese.

The Kerala government has declared bird flu as a state disaster. A high alert has been issued in Kottayam and Alappuzha districts where the disease has been detected primarily.

Bird flu was detected in the state when samples of dead ducks were tested in some parts of both the districts. However, it has been clarified that the disease has not been transmitted to people.

It was confirmed in Kottayam’s Neendoor panchayat after roughly 1,650 ducks on a farm died of the disease. A decision has been made to kill all the birds within a kilometre radius to control the disease. Around 48,000 birds will have to be slaughtered including pet and domestic birds.

In Rajasthan, Officials said on Monday (January 4, 2021) that over 170 new bird deaths were reported. As per the Animal Husbandry department, over 425 deaths of crows, herons and other birds have been reported in the state so far, PTI reported.

Bird flu cases have been confirmed in dead crows in Indore in Madhya Pradesh.