Floods in Malaysia force thousands to evacuate

More than 66,000 flood victims were housed at temporary relief centres across five states in Malaysia on Tuesday (Dec 20), as monsoon rains continued to lash the country.

Bernama reported that a total of 66,718 flood victims had been recorded at these centres, with numbers continuing to rise in Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang.

According to government flood monitoring data, the water levels of several major rivers including Sungai Golok and Sungai Lebir in Kelantan were considered dangerous.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for Sabah and Sarawak Affairs and Special Functions Armizan Mohd Ali said on Tuesday that the heavy rain currently affecting Kelantan and Terengganu was forecast to head towards Pahang, Johor and western Sarawak.

Citing the latest data obtained from the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia), he said that data indicated the second wave of the north-east monsoon, which was previously predicted to last from Dec 17 to Dec 21, is now forecast to last until Dec 25.

“Accordingly, the government has requested that the disaster management committees at the respective state and district levels, especially in the hotspot areas for these three states, increase their level of preparedness,” he said.

He also urged the respective disaster management committees to be vigilant of post-rain effects such as soil movement that could bring the risk of landslides, especially in areas near hillslopes.

Mr Armizan said that the flood situation in Malaysia was still under control, with regulation still at the level of the respective state disaster management committees.

Source- CNA