Real-time ‘portal’ built to connect cities of Lithuania and Poland

The cities of Vilnius in Lithuania and Lublin in Poland unveiled mirror-like “portal” installations connecting both cities in real-time, a press statement by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Vilnius Tech) explains.

The sci-fi-like portals were designed to connect and unify people in different parts of the world amid the months of isolation caused by the pandemic, and the increasing “social polarization” of recent times.

The devices look like circular doors into another world, as imagined in many fictional worlds of fantasy and sci-fi. In fact, the team behind the project said it chose the circle as it is a well-known sci-fi symbol for an interactive “bridge.” The minimalist design with LED lighting, meanwhile, was chosen to portray the image of a future city.

Located 376 miles (606 kilometers) apart, both “portals” feature large screens, cameras, and an internet connection, allowing them to show what’s happening in real-time at their parallel location — maybe one day we’ll learn how to add those wormhole capabilities.