Russia may ban Facebook, YouTube and Twitter over “censoring content”

According to a report from Financial Express, the Russian Parliament has drafted legislation against the US tech giants. Accordingly, regulators will block social media platforms like FacebookTwitter, and Google’s YouTube if they are found guilty of censoring Russian people’s content. With this legislation, the parliament planning to restrict the companies which have been bypassing their drawbacks lately.

The reason for this development is said to be the increasing order of complaints against these companies. In fact, the censoring of content hasn’t spared the Russian media too. This move also comes at a time when other countries like Britain are considering rules to regulate these companies.

Google recently caught conspiring actions to counteract strict EU rules. Now, it seems like Russia has suspected activities of US Tech giants like Google’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

According to a recent report, the Russian government may even ban these platforms in the country to assure the safety of its users, or to simply retaliate against the US-based companies.