Tech firm Earth Blox unveils no-code solution to satellite data

A Scottish tech firm has announced innovative no-code satellite data to change the use of satellites by businesses, institutions, and individuals.

Earth Blox revealed its ‘revolutionary’ satellite data analysis software in a webinar with its partner, Google.

The no-code satellite data utilizes cloud services to deliver Earth observation information from the Google Earth Engine as well as Planet.

Users will log in through the website and can gain access to near real-time raw satellite data which can be translated it into actionable insights.

Earth observation is a tentpole of the space sector, involving hundreds of satellites recording various types of data about the planet, and streaming it back down to specialized ground stations.

Satellite data is vital for global concerns – ranging from tracking deforestation and aiding agriculture to climate change monitoring and speeding up natural disaster response time.

Previously, Earth observation data has been notoriously difficult to interpret and access. Until now, it required extensive practice of coding, highly specialized computer software, and protracted periods of download and analysis for data ranging in the petabytes.

Earth Blox’s user interface allows users to choose the dataset, analysis, and display. In addition to this, collaboration and sharing functionalities make it easy to use and deploy.

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